A Traveler's Guide to Sanmite's Races was a book found in a bookshelves of the library in Castle Aquaria which dealt with the races of the Republic of Sanmite.


In the hilly terrain of western Gaitt lies the Republic of Sanmite, a federation of numerous, small states. Each state is comprised of a different race, and the Republic's policies are decided at councils held by representatives from each of them. The races of Sanmite include, Menodix, in its wildlands, Flau in its forests, Greem on its shorelines, and Molefolk in its desert regions. There are also other races such as Retail Rabbits, Beegul, Drowglynn, Bubblehearts, Houndfolk, and Felinefolk. One must remember that each of the various races comprising the Rpeublic of Sanmite have their own unique culture and customs.

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