Abandoned Mine

The Abandoned Mine.

The Abandoned Mine, also known as Metox Cave, is a cave under Mt. Metorx in the Muan Continent. It is only available in 46 SD. After completing the Badam's delivery at Portmith, Cyuss informs Roddick about this cave.

As the enemies inside are quite powerful, it is reccomended that the player only ventures into this dungeon at high levels. The dungeon itself contains great treasure, as it is filled with good armor and items.



Abandoned Mine - Entance

The Abandoned Mine's Entrance.

  • ?Armor,
  • Steel Helmet
  • Ankh Shield
  • Steel Armor
  • Resurrection Elixir
  • Mind Bomb
  • Dwarven Guard
  • ?Armor
  • Blueberries
  • Astral Sword
  • Silver Greaves
  • Dwarven Sword
  • Emerald Ring
  • ?Item
  • Cinderella Glass

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