Acid Rain

Millie casts Acid Rain

Acid Rain, is a recurring Symbology spell in the Star Ocean series. It is a non-damaging Water-elemental spell that pours acid rain, which decreases the defense of all enemies.


Tome of Acid Rain

Upon the many tomes, books, texts, and other documents in the Runological Library of Castle Aquaria in Aquios is the Tome of Acid Rain which explains to the reader about the symbol required to cast the Acid Rain support/attack symbol.


Acid Rain raises the temperature of a layer of air high up in the sky, while applying massive ammounts of moisture. in the next instant, it lowers the temperature, thereby creating many cloiuds. Finally it produces a violent surge of channeled force that induces searing raindrops that pelt the enemy. This is a fearsome skill producing rain that dissolves metal, turns stone into foam, and burns people to death,


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Millie Chliette learns Acid Rain at level 12, and Erys Jerand comes with it learned by default. It costs 8 MP to cast for both characters.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Evolution

"A powerful shower of acid falls, lowering the defense of all enemies on-screen."
—Symbol Description, Second Evolution.

Leon Gehste joins the party with Acid Rain learned, and requires 7 MP to cast it.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

"Reduces the enemy's Defense"
—Symbol Description.

Adray Lasbard can invoke the Acid Rain symbol and consumes 15 MP to do so.

Other Appearance

Star Ocean EX

Leon Gehste frequently use this symbol in the anime. In contrast what it did in the game, Acid Rain can totally dissolve and destroy the opponents.

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