Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Japanese アテファーガ
Romaji Atefāga
Race Insect
Location Landing Point
Urd Falls Cave
Northern Coast
Planet Aeos
Weak points None
Weak against Wind
Resistant to None
Innate Abilities None
Steal None
Experience 1
Fol Dropped 16
Items Dropped Insect Egg
Insect Leg
Protection Seeds (Entomology Drop)
Symbology None
Abilities None

The Adephaga is an enemy found on Aeos in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It is the first enemy fought in the game.

Being the game's most basic enemy, it is not a threat.

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Dictionary Entry

A large insect species that developed on Aeos. It lives in large colonies headed by a single queen and consumes other insects and animals for sustenance. This particular type is seen to take a worker-ant position in insect society, gathering food for the rest of the colony. Without the large mandibles an ant possesses, however, exactly how it brings food back to the nest is a mystery.

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