Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Adephaga Drus
Japanese アテファーガ ドラス
Romaji Atefāga Dorasu
Race Insect
Location Landing Point
Urd Falls Cave
Northern Coast
Planet Aeos
Weak points None
Weak against Wind
Resistant to None
Innate Abilities None
Steal None
Experience 2
Fol Dropped 33
Items Dropped Insect Egg
Insect Leg
Protection Seeds (Entomology Drop)
Symbology None
Abilities None

The Adephaga Drus is an enemy found on Aeos in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It is more ferocious and stronger than the Adephaga, having a ranged attack and a close-range area attack aside from its slash combos. Blindsiding it is the best strategy to defeat it.

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Dictionary Entry

A large insect that is better equipped for battle than the Adephaga, splitting out a sticky, highly acidic substance believed to be stomach fluid. Its job is to escort the worker Adephages as they transport food; if it finds an edible creature nearby, it will take the front line in the ensuing battle. It is believed to strike even at carnivorous species, leaving not a single living creature in its wake.

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