Aeos is the first inhabitable planet explored by Earthlings during the first SRF mission in S.D. 10. Its surface is filled by dense jungle and it has no intelligent life forms, being populated by several gigantic creatures, such as overgrown insects. As of S.D. 10, its ecological development level is comparable to Earth's Jurassic era. Planet Aeos orbits the binary star system Sirius and is located in the Canis Major Constellation. The star that Aeos orbits is twice as massive as Sol. It is approxiamately located 8.7 Light Years from Earth.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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Chosen as the first planet to be colonized by humans an SRF team of 5 ships was sent to Aeos to determine its whether or not it was habitable. Unfourtunately 4 of the 5 ships crash landed on Aeos while the 5th seemingly disappeared.

After bringing the surviving crews of the badly damaged Balena and Dentdelion to the less damaged Calnus, the members of the SRF teams were attacked by hostile creatures native to the planet. The creatures had evolved some little understood ability to detect the electromagnetic energy of the Earthling's railgun's and deflect the projectiles harmlessly with some sort of energy shield; nevertheless, more archaic forms of weaponry such as swords and ballistic projectile bows.


Edge traverses the jungle environment

A small team of skilled fighters consisting of Edge Maverick and Reimi Saionji were then sent out to find the crew of the downed Eremia, whos signal had just dissappeared. Upon finding the lone survivor of the destroyed ship Edge, Reimi, along with Eldarian Faize Shiefa Beleth, are attacked by an unknown enemy.

After succesfully defeating the monster and recovering what appears to be a meteorite fragment the trio returns to the Calnus to discover an Eldarian base has been set up. After meeting with the former captain of the Calnus and the representative of the Eldarians, Edge is promoted to captain of the Calnus and along with Faize and Reimi leave the planet.

Later, the crew of the Calnus recieve a message from the USTA that communications with Aeos have been cut off. Upon returning they discover the exploration base to be completely destroyed. Furthermore there are no Human or Eldarian lifesigns to be found on the planet. The crew of the Calnus, then sight a black ship landing to the areas south of the Exploration Base. Upon reacing the landing spot of the black ship, the Calnus' crew is attacked by an army of relentless shadows of SRF soldiers. However, they defeat them with help from the captain of the SRF-001 Aquila and an elite Eldarian soldier. After discussing recent events, Faize leaves Aeos with Crowe, while Arumat stays on Aeos with the Calnus' crew so as to search and destroy the Grigori found at the arrival on Aeos, the responsible for the demise of the Earthling-Eldarian exploration base.

Arumat guides the crew to the Miga Insect Warren, and there they finally find and subdue the Grigori Armaros. The crew then leaves Aeos and heads towards En II.

Dictionary Entry

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

A minor planet located in the Sirus system, 8.7 light years from Earth. Gravitational interference from Sirius' binary companion prevented the planet's discovery by Earth until A.D. 2021. Its atmosphere and environment closely match those of Earth, and it had long been investigated as a potential candidate for terraforming. Once interstellar travel became a reality, it was chosen as Earth's first colony planet. Unmanned exploration reports turned up no signs of dangerous creatures or intelligent life, and the environmental samples revealed no harmful elements or unknown viruses, leading early researchers to dub the planet "Second Earth".


  • Edge and Reimi discover a large unnatural hole with markings inside one of the caves of Aeos. Though it can be inferred that Armaros created this hole, it is never confirmed or denied and the origins of the hole remain a mystery.
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