SO2 Air Slash

Claude C. Kenny uses Air Slash.

"I'm gonna blow you away!"
—Albel Nox

Air Slash, also known as Kuuhazan (空波斬/空破斬 lit. Air Wave Slash/Air Blast Slash) is a recurring Special Art in the Star Ocean series. It is a signature skill from the Edarl Blade Arts that is learned by several protagonists, and involves striking the ground with a sword to create a long range shockwave attack. Air Slash is sometimes paired with its sister skill, Shockwave Swirl.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Air Slash
Character MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Roddick Farrence 8 17

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Air Slash
Character MP Cost Level/Item Learned Top Proficiency
Claude C. Kenny 4 3 200
Dias Flac Default

Air Slash is only triggered at long range. At short range, Shockwave Swirl is used instead, though they are considered the same skill in The Second Story.

Claude's Air Slash has two distinct proficiency levels. At 100 proficiency, Air Slash's speed and damage increases. At 200 proficiency, the skill receives another boost in power, and the shockwave becomes larger and golden in color.

Dias's Air Slash appears as dark flames and is much faster than Claude's version. It has the unique ability to hit flying enemies multiple times. However, it is one of the few Arts in the game that doesn't have proficiency.

All of Air Slash's stats are shared with Shockwave Swirl.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Air Slash
Character HP/MPCost Level Acquired Fury% CP
Albel Nox 10/5% HP Default 10/30 2

Albel's Air Slash is wind-elemental. A stronger version of this Battle Skill is available, known as Air Slash of Fury.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Air Slash
Character MP Cost Skill


Fidel Camuze 6 Swordsman's Manual I
Victor Oakville 6 Swordsman's Manual I

Fidel/Victor unleashes a shock wave that barrels straight toward the enemy.

Other Appearances

Star Ocean EX

SOEX Air Slash

Claude uses Air Slash.

Air Slash, simply known by its Japanese name, Kuuhazan, is often employed by Claude as a way of finishing off opponents. Claude learns the technique by watching Dias use it, unlike the game where he learns the skill long before meeting him. Visually, it is depicted as a violent gust of wind for both Claude and Dias, though it does resemble the ground shockwave of its game counterpart when used during the Laceur Tournament of Arms story arc.


  • Air Slash was also used by the Harley crime boss Zandor when challenged by Rena Lanford.
  • Iseria Queen has an unique variation of this Special Art which can hit multiple times.
  • Despite its name, Air Slash has only ever been directly associated with the wind element once, when used by Albel in Till the End of Time.
    • Despite this, the connotation of the technique's name refers more to "emptiness/sky" as opposed to actual wind. The wielder is cutting against the air itself to produce a vacuum, hence the connotation of emptiness.
  • Though Claude and Dias return in Blue Sphere, Air Slash does not. Some remnants of the skill can be seen in Dias' long range combo attacks.
  • "Kuuhazan", the title of Star Ocean EX's fifth episode, is directly named after this technique.
  • Air Slash can be seen as the equivalent to the Tales of series' Demon Fang/Majinken (魔神拳, lit. Devil/Demon God Sword) arte. Both are shockwave attacks normally learned as the first skill by a sword-wielding protagonist.

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