The Aire Hills are located between Kirlsa and Arias and claimed by both countries.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The hills are full of danger--from roving Storm Brigade knights to wolves and noblemen. It was in these hills that the Airyglyph-Aquaria War came to a conclusion when the two armies' melee was interrupted by the arrival of Vendeeni battleships. These battleships decimated both sides of the conflict, only being stopped by Fayt Leingod when his Destruction powers manifested, deleting the battleships from the Eternal Sphere.


Dictionary Entry

Both Airyglyph and Aquaria claim sovereignty over this hilly region, which lies between Kirlsa andArias. Each country wants this vast land for different reasons--the Kingdom of Airyglyph for growing crops, since it never freezes, and the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria for the wealth of resources hidden underneath its soil.

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