The Airyglyph Aqueducts is a large system of caves under the kingdom of Airyglyph. No one knows their true size, but this makes them very useful for sneaking into Airyglyph Castle.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

After Nel rescues Fayt and Cliff from the dungeon, she tells them that the Aqueducts are the only safe way out. They proceed through the Aqueducts, killing the Giant Crab that lived there, and made their escape out of Airyglyph.

The party later returns here to find some raw materials for Vanilla.



  • Worm-Eaten Tome
  • Ring Mail
  • Blueberries x2
  • Warrior's Bracelet
  • Fresh Sage
  • Regeneration Symbol
  • 1/60 Scale Bunny (Map Completion Bonus)

Dictionary Entry

A system of gigantic ice caves that sprawl throughout underground Airyglyph. The Airyglyph Aqueducts are so vast that neither the spies from the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, who use them like a highway, nor the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, who live immediately above them, are aware of their true size.

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