The Aldian are a race introduced in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A hive-like collective, the Aldians possess no concept of individuality, and are all connected to an organism on their home world.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Upon first contact with the Pangalactic Federation, the Aldian Empire immediatly declared war with the Federation, seeing their concept of individual life-forms as bizzare and confusing.

While they are mentioned from time to time, they are never actually seen during the story, and are eventually wiped out by the Executioners, since their homeworld was very close to the source of the Executioners.

Dictionary Entry

A sentient race living in the Aldian Empire, the primary rival of the Pangalactic Federation. Not only have the Pangalactic Federation and the Aldian Empire been in a constant state of war ever since first contact, since Aldian battleships self-destruct without fail after losing a battle, absolutely no information is available about this civilization.

The Aldians were actually part of a single organism that was entirely dependent upon its home planet from birth. The organism had multiple bodies, all of which could act independently, but which were controlled by a single mind located on the Aldian home world. This explains why the Aldian placed such a small value on individual life forms. The idea of individual bodies, each imbued with a separate spirit, was completely incomprehensible to this entity.