The Aldian Empire is an enormous militaristic empire controlling seven Sectors of the Milky Way and is the only force equally as powerful as the Pangalactic Federation, which made first contact with it in SD 710. The Aldians are a hive-mind like race, intent on conquering everything they come across. The Aldian Empire fell with the arrival of the Executioners, who first destroyed the Aldian homeworld before hunting down its subjugated races.

Sectors in the Aldian Empire

  • Nu
  • Xi
  • Omicron
  • Psi

Dictionary Entry

Aldian Empire

A gigantic military empire that controls a total of seven sectors, centered on the Nu, Xi, Omicron, and Psi sectors, it is the only force equal in power to the Pangalactic Federation. First contact occurred in SD 710. The Aldian Empire attempts to colonize surrounding star systems by force, and is therefore incompatible with the multiple state philosophy of the Pangalactic Federation. This is why the two forves have been in a state of constant warfare since first contact, over sixty years ago. The state of the Aldian Empire's home world and the total number of Aldians are unknown at this time.

Aldian Empire (Part 2)

The Aldians were wiped out when the Executioner attack destroyed their home world, and the planets that had been under their control gained independence. However, none of the former subjects of the Aldian Empire have the power to stand up to the Executioners, with their empire-smashing strength, and the Executioners are currently massacring the empire's ex-subjects far and wide.

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