Allen is a minor character in Star Ocean: The Second Story. He is the son of mayor of Salva, although his father never shows up in the game. He is a childhood friend of Dias and Rena's.


"Force? I think you are a tad mistaken here. We are in love with each other... Love... with each other... Love... "
—Allen speaking to Claude before mutating into an ogre.

Little is known about Allen's past, besides that he is a friend with Rena since they were little kids. One day, however, Allen gains possession of an energy stone, which results in his sudden change of personality. Allen asks Mr.Bosman to build him a secret passage in Salva Drift leading to the antechamber, where he plans to get married with Rena.

Realizing that the time has come, Allen goes to Arlia with his swords-for-hire and succeeds in kidnapping Rena. Mayor Regis, Westa and a few Arlia villagers try to stop him, but Rena tells them to let Allen and his men pass, knowing this Allen is different from what she knows as a friend. Upon arriving at Salva, Allen locks Rena in his father's room while he goes deep into the antechamber to prepare for the ceremony.

Rena manages to escape from Allen's mansion, and somehow ends up inside the antechamber with Allen standing in front of her. She tries to run away, but Allen orders his grunts to tie her up on the altar. As he is about the begin the ceremony, Claude arrives and frees Rena from the altar with Allen seemingly having a severe headache.

Suddenly, Allen's condition becomes worse and the energy stone turns him into an Ogre. The monstrous Allen attacks Claude and Rena in a grumpy rage, but is defeated. With the Energy Stone shattering in the process, Allen is able to return to his normal self. He apparently does not remember what happens after obtaining the Energy Stone, and is grateful that the party stop him just in time.

Allen then returns to the village of Salva and is irrelevant to the plot afterwards. It is strongly implied that he does hold romantic feelings for Rena, despite the fact that he does not show much emotion after coming back to normal.

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