The power of Alteration is one of three powers designed to fight the 4D Beings, along with Destruction and Connection, by Dr. Leingod and his team of Symbological Researchers on Moonbase . The power of Alteration has the ability to manipulate matter at its base level, and also lets third-dimensional beings exist in Fourth-Dimensional Space.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The Alteration gene was inserted inside Maria Traydor's DNA.

Maria was completely unaware of her powers until she was a member of Quark. One day the Diplo came under attack from the Battleship Invisible which was currently being field tested. The state of the art battleship outclassed the Diplo in every way, and the Diplo looked like it was going to be destroyed. However, due to the pressure of the current situation, Maria's powers awakened and she demanded that they fire quantum torpedo. While he questioned her decision, Cliff saw no other option and fired one. Upon contact, the torpedo completely erased the Invisible from existence.

Later, when Maria is explaining her powers to Fayt, she demonstrates by touching a vase. She then shot the area, shattering all the vases bar the one she had altered.

Upon arriving in Fourth-Dimensional Space, the party realize that it must be Maria's powers that let them exist outside the Eternal Sphere.

In Gemity, the party experience another trait of her powers. Everything Maria typed on a keyboard was translated into the Fourth-Dimensional language.

The Alteration gene also grants her Symbological abilities similar in theory to other species which have symbols grafted onto their DNA such as Nedians and Featherfolk; nevertheless, in practice, the symbols that manifest themselves inside Maria are all supportive symbols dealing with alteration such as Power Up and Angel Feather.

Dictionary Entry

A mysterious power given to Maria by the research team of Dr. Leingod, Fayt's father.

A power given to Maria for use in the battle against the 4D beings. The power of alteration can be used to convert any material data in the Eternal Sphere, thereby stabilizing it in 4D space. On the other hand, this power can also potentially be used to change the existential values of material in the Eternal Sphere, rendering its very existence unstable.