Ameena taken care of by Mirage and the others.

Ameena Leffeld is a girl who lived on Elicoor II in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Her appearance and voice are an exact match of Fayt's friend Sophia. Fayt even confused her for Sophia when they first met.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Ameena and Fayt first meet in Peterny while Fayt is waiting for Cliff and Nel. Ameena introduces herself to Fayt after a strange interaction causes Fayt to believe she is Sophia. Ameena tells Fayt about herself and how she grows flowers and sells them. She has a horrible cough that is an illness that no one can cure, although Mirage later says they could easily cure her with their technology. She appears later when Fayt's crew has to go save her in Duggus Forest after she has collapsed. 

She appears to be stable until she meets them again upon their arrival in Kingdom of Aquaria, where she had arrived in because of a rumor that she would be able to find her long lost friend there. Before the final battle with Duke Vox and his forces, Fayt discovers that her lost friend is actually Dion Landers, the runologist from Castle Aquaria. He brings Dion to Ameena at the town inn and they are reunited. Dion promises to return to Ameena once the war is over. However, his promise is not kept when a surprise Vendeeni attack at the battlefield severely injures him, leading to his death. Fayt brings Ameena to see him and the two die together at his bed, which leaves Fayt completely crushed as he couldn't protect either of them.

Dictionary Entry

A somewhat sickly girl who lives in Peterny. Ameena resembles the missing Sophia very closely, and if her coloring were a little healthier, she would most likely be almost indistinguishable from Fayt's childhood friend. Having lost all of her relatives in the long war, she now supports herself from day to day by selling the flowers that she used to grow as a hobby. Ameena is one of the unfortunate victims of the war between Airyglyph and Aquaria.

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