A young nomad girl from the Black Tribe, a minority race on Planet Roak.

Those in her tribe are possessed of the ability to instantaneously summon a giant bunny. This symbology has been passed down from generation to generation, which is why many tribe members have bunnies in their families.

Her simple and sweet personality has Faize head over heels for her.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Amina and the Black Tribe are encountered by Edge Maverick and his crew outside of Tatroi shortly after they arrive on Roak. She learns that they need a giant bunny in order to cross the desert. Unfortunately, she has no spare bunnies. She suggests that they catch a field bunny, and shows the group hers by using a symbol. Faize is impressed by the symbol, which he identifies as transferrence. She gives the party bunny reins to assist. Faize asks if he can be taught the symbol, but she says that it is for tribe members only. She extends to him an invitation to join. Faize says he will give it some thought. She then gives a cloak to Faize, which will make them less noticeable to the bunnies. Lymle, however, thinks the cloak looks terrible on him.

Shortly after this encounter, she and the Black Tribe are captured by the Church of Sydonai and taken to the Purgatorium, where they are all sacrificed to Asmodeus. After defeating Tamiel, the leader of the Church of Sydonai, Faize learns about Amina's death, which serves as a catalyst for his descent into darkness.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Amina

Availability Gacha Permanent
Role Sharpshooter 4☆ to 6☆
Weapon Bow
Black Tribe's Favor Nullifies Curse (Party/180 seconds)
Runemaster Damage towards Undead Race +20% (Party)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count Element
Hawkeye Bolts Nullifies Curse (Party/20 seconds) ATK x 2500% 5
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count Element
Heavenly Flight 29 ATK x 310% 4
Hunter's Moon 29 ATK x 310% 7
Frozen Camellia 29 ATK x 310% 3 Ice
Seraphic Thunder 27 ATK x 280 8 Lightning
6☆ LB 5 Level 70 Base Stats
HP 11,550
ATK 1,971
INT 1,300
DEF 1,468
HIT 1,057
GRD 777


  • Amina's name is never mentioned in Star Ocean: The Last Hope and is instead revealed in Star Ocean: Anamnesis.