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Anne Patriceani is a playable party member in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. A close friend and companion to Emmerson T. Kenny, she is always by his side. Member of the crew of the Charles D. Goale.


While mysterious and secretive at first, she quickly opens up to the team. The reason for this is that Anne is a member of the Pangalactic Federation along with Emmerson and is wary about interacting with the Faykreedians. Soon after joining the team, however, she reveals her soft side and her love for all things cute. Anne is seen many times searching for a lost kitten she has taken a liking to on Faykreed. As a member of the Federation Military, Anne is trained for combat and prefers her fists and legs to deal damage to enemies.


In battle, Anne is quick, powerful, and in control of the field. Her moveset is very similar to Cliff Fittir (from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time) and she shares many attacks and animations with him. She specializes in very fast, multi-hit combos that knockback, stun, and launch enemies to keep under her control and constantly taking damage. As the party member with the highest base attack, she is an ideal damage dealer and should be given roles that complement that.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Skill


Electric Fists 18 CQC Program Alpha Besiege an enemy with three unmitigated punches; one that allows you to approach him quickly, and two that send him flying.
Hammer of Might 12 CQC Program Beta Clasp your hands over your head while airborne and slam them down to send the enemy flying with a wave of compressed air.
Crescent Locus 10 CQC Program Gamma Unleash a kick so powerful that it not only flings an enemy into the air to be struck by a wave of energy, it also leaves a trail of upturned soil.
Triple Kick 30 CQC Program Delta Bombard an enemy with a series of three debilitating kicks that temporarily lower his ATK and leave him crying for his mother.
Shockwave 16 CQC Program Epsilon Jump into the air, descend upon your target, and slam your fist into the ground, thus fracturing it and causing an explosive shockwave.
Acrobat Locus 24 CQC Program Zeta Kick an enemy skyward and pummel him with various attacks before slamming him into the ground and stomping on his immobile body.
Infinity Kick 28 CQC Program Eta Perform a variety of kicks in rapid succession that are strong enough to occasionally pierce armor and inflict large amounts of damage.
Fists of Fury 33 CQC Program Theta Strike the enemy so rapidly that streaks of light trail your punches. The penultimate strike knocks him in the air to set up the finishing blow.


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