Ansala is an Inventor from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. An old man, even though he's retired, he still bugs people in Aquaria Castle, since he has nothing better to do. They would tell him to go away, if it wasn't for the fact he's one of the best runologists around.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt finds Ansala in Aquaria castle, grumbling that he has nothing to do and that he isn't interested in anything Fayt could possibly offer. However if Fayt has the Philosopher's Stone, he will show him it to Ansala causing him to take great interest in Fayt, claiming anyone who can make such a stone is worth sticking around with.


  • Skills: Level 99 Alchemy
  • Time: -20%
  • Cost: +0%
  • Recruited with: Philosopher's Stone
Can Invent
Repulsive Lump Overwrought Product
Strange Lump Misconceived Product
Stone of Evil Air Gem
Earth Gem Fire Gem
Water Gem Brownie Stone
Earth Homunculus Nereid Stone
Sylph Stone Water Homunculus
Wind Homunculus Shell Sapphire
Salamander Stone Star Ruby
Fire Homunculus Mythril
Rainbow Diamond Dark Crystal
Angel Stone Celestial Homunculus

Dictionary Entry

Although retired at present, Ansala used to be the best or second best practitioner of runology in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria. This lonely man poured too much of himself into his work to ever marry, and in spite of the fact that he has already retired, he can still be seen wandering the halls of Castle Aquaria, alternately gladdening and annoying the inhabitants thereof. Ansala's skills are unquestioned, and his record is excellent, making him a difficult individual for the current runologists to simply brush off.

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