Anti-Attack Aura (often abbreviated as AAA), also known as Counter Aura, is a defensive manuever in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time used by allies and enemies alike. When the Fury Gauge is completely full and the character is immobile, a Fury Guard will trigger, erecting a hexagonal barrier to cancel and disrupt Minor attacks. Major attacks and Symbology will destroy a barrier, lowering the Fury Gauge and stunning the character.

When the barrier is triggered, it will counter with an Anti-Attack Aura. Auras have different effects ranging from damaging the aggressor to healing the character. New auras can be learned by acquiring textbooks. Simply having the textbooks in the inventory will make that aura available to all characters.


Anti-Attack Aura Item Required Effect Location
Standard Beat-Up Textbook Stuns Opponent Ruins of Coffir
Homing Neglected Textbook Chases and launches Kirlsa Training Facility
2-Way Shabby Textbook Two-way stun Shrine of Kaddan
Regeneration Blemished Textbook Regenerate health Ancient Ruins of Mosel
Ring Wave Dilapidated Textbook Widespread damage Sphere 211
Wide Area Homing Worn-Out Textbook Multiple homing projectiles Spiral Tower
Star Guard Star Guard (equipped) Concentrated star fire

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