I am the Apostle of Creation. I am he who governs the phenomenon you term the Missing Procedure
—Apostle of Creation

The Apostle of Creation is a conduit for the life energy produced by the Grigori so it can be sent back to the Missing Procedure, allowing for it to create near limitless military power in the form of the Phantoms. Though his connection with the Grigori may prove otherwise, the Apostle himself is not a Grigori. He is the second to final boss of the main storyline of Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


The Apostle of Creation's true identity is actually Faize Sheifa Beleth possessed by the Grigori. After seeing many innocent people indiscriminately slaughtered, (such as the Black Tribe and his own brethren), he broke under the emotional trauma. He set out on a journey for a way to prevent these travesties from recurring. His journey led him to discover the Missing Procedure and Faize decided help it with its plan.

As the Apostle of Creation, he wants to see nothing more than the present universe destroyed, a place where he believes that nothing but sadness, death, and pain exists. He'd rather have the whole universe destroyed than for it to suffer any further. Edge comments this was a result of how much kindness Faize had toward the universe, though it was expressed in a misguided way.

After the party defeats him, escaping their entrapment in an alternate dimension, they try to dissuade the Apostle. However, his thoughts conflict with one another, and the Grigori within Nox Obscurus' core responds to his anguish by merging with him, resulting in a transformation into Satanail. The party then fights him once more.


The Apostle of Creation is fought at the Audience Chamber of the Palace of Creation at the center of Nox Obscurus.


Dictionary Entry

The creator of Nox Obscurus and the key to its entire operation. Blessed with the power to control all forms of life, he oversees the ruin and creation of space. He uses non-elemental symbology and the large sword in his left hand to attack, and the cloak he wears offers more than protection-it also hides shadowy tentacles that grasp opponents.

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