Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Apostle of Creation
SO4 - Apostle of Creation
Race Other
Location Palace of Creation
Planet Nox Obscurus
Weak points -
Weak against Light
Resistant to Dark
Innate Abilities
Experience 63,052
Fol Dropped 7,984
Items Dropped None

In battle, the Apostle fights with his gargantuan blade. He starts off somewhat slow, but gradually picks up as his HP is depleted by warping around the battlefield to attack characters. He has a resistance to dark attacks and a weakness to light ones. Most of his strikes begin with a line of dialogue telegraphing the type of strike.

  • "Witness the quintessence of my catastrophic powers": a wide circular strike.
  • "Away with your pointless ostentation": an attack straight ahead.
  • "Be destroyed": a wide-area energy field attack used when his HP is low.

Special Arts

Apostle of Creation will use the following Special Arts,

  • Invalid Necromancy
  • Scried Vanishing

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