Apris is what the people of Elicoor II call the primary star of their galaxy, known to Pangalactic Federation as Elicoor. They believe that it is the physical manifestation of their God, who looks over them at all times.

Elicoor has an effective temperature of 5290 Kelvins, a radius of 5.920 x 108m, and an absolute visual magnitude of 5.74.

Dictionary Entry

The central god of the Church of Apris, the most widely followed religion on the continent of Gaitt. The star Elicoor is said to be the physical manifestation of Apris. The teachings say now that Apris has set his own body on fire and became Elicoor, he can no longer return to the ground, but by sending the Emissary of Apris, he is still able to lead the people.

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