Aqua & Evia are Inventors in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Evia is the sickly father of Aqua and every day he is worried that he will die with no one to look after his daughter.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt encounters the pair in the church at Peterny. Evia keeps mentioning that if only he had some money he'd be able to sleep easy knowing that Aqua would have something to fall back on should he suddenly die. Fayt takes the hint and offers him some Fol. Evia takes the money and tells Fayt he'll join him under the condition that he looks after Aqua after his death. And that he doesn't lay a finger on Aqua should he pass away!


  • Skills: Level 49 Crafting
  • Time: +0%
  • Cost: +10%
  • Recruited with: 20,000 Fol
Can Invent
Disgusting Doll Over-Carved Figure
Crude Ring Strange Figure
Heavy Ring Tacky Earring
Loose Ring Humiliating Earring
Pitiful Earring Third-Rate Bracelet
Laughable Bracelet Ring of Lunacy
Bangle of Accuracy Blue Talisman
Red Talisman Yellow Talisman
Bangle of Intellect Ring of Might
Lunar Talisman Star Talisman
Anti-Poison Amulet Bladebane Cross
Magebane Ankh Silver Cross
Wingbane Cross Amulet of Freedom
Anti-Incapacitation Amulet Anti-Silence Amulet
Anti-Stone Amulet Ring of Quietude
Anti-Freezing Amulet Hammer Charm
Theives' Boots

Dictionary Entry


A beautiful girl with one of the most hopelessly doting fathers in the world, a man named Evia. Aqua may look as lovely as a doll, but her words pack a powerful bite. Of course, if you ask her father Evia, Aqua's questionable word choice is just one more aspect of her overwhelming cuteness.


A long-haired man of refined tastes who used to work in Castle Aquaria several years back. Worried about leaving his daughter Aqua at home by herself all day, Evia repeatedly skipped work or went home early. The problem grew so severe that he was eventually fired, in spite of his high status within the castle. But rather than regretting this turn of events, Evia was actually pleased to have more time to spend with his daughter.

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