The Aquatic Gardens of Surferio is a bonus dungeon found near Peterny which is available early in the story of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Unlike the Maze of Tribulations (Star Ocean 3) and other bonus dungeons, the Aquatic Gardens offer enemies between level 30 - 40 and can be completed before finishing the main story.

This dungeon features several moving block puzzles that the player must figure out to advance in the dungeon and to collect various treasure chests.

At the end of the Gardens is a boss, the Sculpture Lord. Once defeated, a chest is available which contains the Paracelsus's Table, unlocking the Versus Mode once returned to Welch in Peterny.

Dictionary Definition

A great ruin found underground between Surferio and Irisa Fields. It was seemingly built in the early years of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, which makes it not as ancient as most people would think. It still stands, with no hope of repair, after being destroyed in the war between Aquor and Greeton.

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