"Arias is the closest city in the Kingdom of Aquaria to the Airyglyph borders. As a resuly, it has often been the target of the Airyglyph military. It has withstood these skirmishes in large part to Clair Lasbard's capable command of the city's garrison and the Aquarian runological corps. However, there is still concern that the city will eventually fall into Airyglyphian hands."
—Official Strategy Guide.

Arias is an Aquarian-controlled city to the east of Kirlsa that is also known as the Riverfront Village of AriasNel Zelpher takes Fayt Leingod and Cliff Fittir here to talk to Clair Lasbard after escaping from Airyglyph and evading the Dragon Brigade.

According to a report in Clair's possession regarding village revenue and expendiatures, Arias is just barely running on a surplus.

Dictionary Definition

A town in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria that lies closest to the neighboring Kingdom of Airyglyph. It has managed to withstand several fierce attacks by the Airyglyph military in the past, thanks to its garrison, which is skillfully led by Clair Lasbard, and its runological corps.  However, many of the town's runologist defenders have been injured in the repeated battles, and it is rumored within the Kingdom of Aquaria that the fall of this town is imminent.

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