SO4 - Armaros

Armaros attacks the heroes in Aeos

We are infinity. We are perpetuity. Our end is an impossibility.
—Armaros (Manifest)

Armaros is a Grigori and one of the antagonists of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It is fought twice in the game, and is the first boss battle of The Last Hope. It is later reincarnated as Armaros Manifest, this time taking a more powerful form.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

SO4 - Armaros Manifest

Armaros Manifest preparing to attack

Upon reaching the beach near the crash spot of SRF-005 Eremia, Edge Maverick and Reimi Saionji discover the remains of the Eremia and find a wounded SRF member from the Eremia. When they ask him what had happened, the dying crewmember reveals that not long after the Eremia landed on Aeos, the crew investigated the area, during which they found what they believed to be a meteor fragment and brought it back to the ship for investigation. However, according to him, something terrible happened afterwards, which ended up the rest of the crew being killed and him being forced to destroy the ship. After the wounded soldier dies, Edge and Reimi meet Faize Sheifa Beleth. While this was happening a strange formation appears from the sea and absorbs both the Eremia and the dead crewmember, transforming into Armaros, appearing as a strange sea snail-like beast. It then attacks the three explorers, but is defeated.

Later, Armaros is revealed as being one of the Grigori, a group of nefarious beings born out of the Epiphanies of Guidance, which strive to absorb information on the lifeforms they meet and have strange effects. They also possess and mutate wildlife.

Upon returning from Roak, and landing in an Aeos ravaged by the Phantoms, the SRF-003 Calnus' crew explores the Miga Insect Warren at the Southern Reaches. After having gone through the cave, they reach a giant dead queen ant lying in the middle of the path. The party is curious of what it is and discuss the problem, but suddenly the Epiphanies of Guidance appear behind it and transform it into Armaros' second incarnation: Armaros Manifest. The Grigori talks through the beast and after a long conversation, battle initiates.


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Main article: Armaros Manifest (Boss)

Armaros is fought twice as a boss: it is the first boss in the game and is a resilent foe due to its tough shell made of parts of the Eremia. It is weak to Faize's symbology.

Later, Armaros Manifest is fought during the party's return to Aeos. It is a very large and strong foe who summons several minions to fight for it. It can also use Symbology. Both incarnations of Armaros feature weakpoints that should be exploited so as to make the battles much easier.

Defeating Armaros grants the player the "Abolished Armaros" Achievement/Trophy, while defeating Armaros Manifest grants the player the "Massacred Manifest" Achievement/Trophy.

Note that each incarnation of Armaros has a stronger version to be fought at each of the optional dungeons: Imperfect Armaros can be found at the Cave of the Seven Stars, and Armaros Manifest II can be fought at the Wandering Dungeon.

Dictionary Entry


A sea slug-like aquatic creature that has grown to enormous size due to exposure to some agent or another. It digs its tentacle-like front feet into the earth, using them to attack faraway enemies. The right side of its body is covered by a shell made from pieces of a spaceship; it can remove this shell and use it as an arm of sorts. An organ known as the "core" lies under the shell; whatever it is, it apparently plays a vital role in its life function.

Armaros Manifest

A monster created when the corpse of a queen ant fused with the Grigori that crash-landed on Aeos. It has the ability to lay insect eggs out of its stomach which hatch quickly into soldiers who fight at its side. Its vital core can be seen in its stomach, but it's always kept just out of reach enough that attack it is difficult. The best way to attack is to blind-side.


Armaros is one of the Grigori, a group of fallen angels from the Book of Enoch. Its name means "cursed one".