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Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
SO4 - Armaros

~300 (Shell) ~2500 (core)

Japanese アルマロス
Romaji Arumarosu
Race Other
Location Aeos Northern Coast
Planet Aeos
Weak points Tail
Weak against Earth, Wind
Resistant to
Innate Abilities {{{traits}}}
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 40
Fol Dropped 609
Items Dropped Blueberries, Fresh Sage, Warped Carapace

Armaros is the first boss of Star Ocean: The Last Hope and is fought on Aeos. The battle on the whole isn't too hard.


Armaros is the first of a series of battles where the weak point is the key to victory. He can be very tough if facing him for the first time.

The main strategy is to relentlessly attack its right side in order to destroy its shell as fast as possible and afterwards crush Armaros's weak point with Faize's Earth Glaive, Edge's Rising Blade, and Reimi's Sonic Thorn.

One possible strategy is to use Edge to blindside Armaros when it's about to attack, leaving Reimi and Faize on the background to keep attacking him, preserving the Blindside status as long as possible before your attack combos are over.

Another strategy is to have Faize lure Armaros so his shell can be exposed to Edge and Reimi, and then set him on manual control while switching to Edge, so he can get in attack strings on Armaros's shell. Try to keep Armaros targetting Faize as long as possible by charging Rush Mode, so Armaros targets Faize.

When it draws its shell, keep your main strategy, but unleash all of your Special Arts and Faize's spell, to which Armaros has a natural elemental weakness.

When the shell is "broken", he'll start swinging it around wildly as a weapon, adding this to his initial moveset. He also gains Electric Smash, which is his strongest attack. Focus your attacks on the exposed "core", its weak-point. This will deal much more damage than usual (0-30 HP to 30-200+ HP)

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