Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Armed Dragoon
Japanese アームドドラグーン
Romaji Āmudo Doragūn
Race Mech
Location Subterranean City
Control Tower
Planet Cardianon
Weak points
Weak against Water, Lightning
Resistant to Wind
Innate Abilities
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 57
Fol Dropped 270
Items Dropped Warning Brooch
Compact Stun Bomb
Laser Oscillator - (Robotics Drop)

The Armed Dragoon is an enemy found deep inside the Cardianon Mothership in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It is a large enemy that can lift your characters into midair and destroy it with missiles. Blindside this enemy before it manages to hit with this combo.

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Dictionary Entry

A powered suit used by the Cardianon, allowing even those who have not yet evolved to enjoy heavyweight power and impervious defense. Originally a piece of heavy construction equipment, this weapon provides an extra level of confidence when facing off against a fully-evolved, fully-grown dragon or Dragon Newt. Some pilots feel so secure inside one, they never want to get out.

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