Armlock is a town in Energy Nede. It is located in the same area as the Fun City and northeast of the Minae Cave. It is a town dedicated to weapon creating, although the use of these is completely forbidden by the Nedian law.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Armlock - WM

Armlock in the world map.

The party reaches Armlock as a request of Nall, after their failure on the assault to Phynal. There, they enter through the "Sealed Door", a door leading to a building with a transporter, which teleports them to the remote Symbological Weapons Laboratory.

On their return from the facility, the party contacts Dr. Mirage, a weapon researcher resident in the town. Checking the weapon blueprints found in the Symbological Weapons Laboratory, Mirage warns that she needs the LEA Metal, a mineral found in the bodies of the Barchians from Minae Cave. Claude and Rena obtain it, and thus Mirage is able to create the Antimatter weapons.

Later, during the Wise Men's attack on Fun City, Metatron follows Mirage to Armlock. There, he breaks in her house and attacks her, but is confronted by Claude and the party, being defeated by them.



Item Cost
Aquaberries 105
Blackberries 200
Blueberries 60
Smith's Hammer 250
Mechanic's Toolboc 1200
Iron 200
Silver 200
Gold 300
Ruby 400
Sapphire 800
Green Beryl 500
Crystal 500
Diamond 9000
Magic Canvas 1000
Magical Clay 600
Thief's Gloves 40000
Fountain Pen 460
Pet Food 10
Potion of Lilith 150

Sharpened Skills
Item Cost
Sense 3 2700
Combat 1 400
Combat 2 1600
Combat 3 4500
The Kitchen Knife
Item Cost
Seafood 500
Fruit 80
Grains 145
Meat 300
Vegetables 30
Eggs and Dairy 10

The Weapon Factory
Item Cost
Force Sword 50000
Blade of Ruin 190000
Lotus Eaters 188000
Knuckles of the Moon 50000
Grizzly Clasp 140000
Ruby Rod 80000
Atomic Puncher 170000
Spark Whip 160000
Encyclopedia 50000
Lightning Gun 158000
Alpha Box 139900
Annoying Handy Stick 45000

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