The following is a list of Arumat P. Thanatos's Battle Quotes from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.




"Take advantage of their incompetence!"
—Pre-Emptive Battle
"Never leave yourself open on the battlefield."
—Pre-Emptive Battle===


"Death, himself, has nothing to fear..."
—Level Up
"This flow of power is horrifying!"
—Level Up
"And so, my bad karma gets worse..."
—Level Up
"Pointless! A waste of time!"
—Killing Blow
"Amateurs! Throwing their lives away for nothing!"
—Killing Blow
"All who oppose me will be eliminated!"
—Killing Blow
"Still we win, only to face inevitable death."
—Killing Blow
"This pyrrhic victory... my men would ridicule me."
—Killing Blow

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