Ashlay Bernbeldt is a playable character in the original Star Ocean and its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure. He is a famous swordsman of Roak, and a master of the Edarl Sword Style.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Ashlay appears as young swordfighter, who has climbed the ranks of the Tatroi Colosseum with amazing speed, earning him fame as a great swordsman. By defeating him, SRF-003 Calnus's crew are crowned the Team Colosseum champs and receive the Team Colosseum medal.

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Ashlay Profile

Ashlay at the port of Tatroi.

As of S.D. 46, Ashlay Bernbeldt is a worn-out war veteran, known as the hero of the Demonic Wars. However, during a mission from the king of Silvalant to retrieve the Mirror of Incarnation, his war buddy, Del Argosy, went insane before the Mirror and attacked several of his men, including Ashlay, who lost his left arm as a result.

After Roddick Farrence climbs some ranks at the Tatroi Arena upon his first visit to the town, and if Cyuss Warren does not accompany him, Ashlay Bernbeldt will join his party at the dock at Tatroi.


FD Ashlay Bernbeldt Screenshot

Ashlay has balanced stats, with his attack being slightly higher than the rest of his stats. Much like Cyuss, many of his Special Arts are shared with Roddick. He is also capable of wielding a two-handed sword with only one hand, courtesy of his handicap.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Double Slash 5 Default
Shockwave Swirl 6 Default
Thunderclap Blade 5 Default
Firestorm Blade 6 Default
Lightray Blade 10 29
Dragon Slash 25 31
Pheonix Blast 32 35
Omega Thunderclap Blade 22 (Thunderclap Blade + Omega SFT)
Omega Double Slash 24 (Double Slash + Omega SFT)


Main article: Ashlay Bernbeldt (Enemy)

In Star Ocean: The Last Hope, a young version of Ashlay is a special foe which can be fought at the Tatroi Colosseum Team tournament. The player can refight Ashlay whenever they like.


  • Ashlay is afraid of dogs.
  • In the SNES version, Ashlay's left arm is crippled and in a sling. In the PSP version, his left arm has been completely sliced off. Due to this fact, he cannot equip shields.
  • You need Ashlay, Ioshua Jerand, and Mavelle Froesson to recruit Erys Jerand at the Old Race Ruins in Star Ocean: First Departure.
  • Ashlay can give Roddick the Wyrm King SFT in a private action in Silvalant, after Durss is destroyed. Ashlay needs a significant affection rating with Roddick, a minimum 9, for this to happen.
  • Ashlay learns all his SFT moves upon leveling up, with the exception of the Omega SFT techniques, which he must learn manually.
  • Ashlay is the only character in the first Star Ocean who only has one shot at learning a specific talent (in his case, Composition). By this, it means that if he does not start with Composition (which he has a 50% chance of starting with it), he can never develop it.

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