Astor Wolfricht is a young red-headed man wearing a suit that Fayt and Cliff meet when they are looking for Nel. He is found in the first townhouse on the first street across from the inn when Fayt and Cliff first arrive in Kirlsa. He introduces himself as a member of the Secret Legion and he works under Nel Zelpher. He tells Fayt that they need to go through the Kirlsa Caverns as soon as Nel returns. He tells Fayt that due to Tynave and Farleen causing a distraction, they need to go as quickly as possible.

Dictionary Entry

An officer of the Secret Legion, the special unit led by Nel Zelpher of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.

Astor is fairly high in the ranks of the Secret Legion, and possesses above skills in leadership, combat prowess, and politics, as well as considerable charisma. The combined antics of Tynave and Farleen have been a constant source of headaches for Astor, however, leaving him a bit glum.

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