Astral City

Astral City in Star Ocean: First Departure.

Astral City is the capital city of the Astral Kingdom. It is located on a mountain range, and must be reached via the Astral Caves or a ferry in Tatroi. Astral Castle is located here, as well as Lias' manor.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

SO4 - Astral City

Astral City in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

Edge Maverick and his crew visit Astral City by advice of Sarah Jerand so as to obtain an antidote for the Stone Sickness that has infected Reimi Saionji. The remedy is in possession of the King of Astral, whose government manages the entirety of the stock of ingredients for it in the kingdom of Astral, and sells it for an affordable price to its subjects.

The King of Astral gladly provides the crew with the remedy, and invites it to wait for it to be prepared. However, at a balcony of the castle, Edge identifies a strange tatooed man infiltrating the castle, but is apathic to his existance.

Upon returning to the King of Astral, the party learns that a rogue known as the Black Eagle has stolen all of the ingredient stock, the same rogue Edge saw trespassing the castle grounds. Edge then vows to apprehend him, and dashes towards the Tatroi Colosseum, where Astralian law does not apply. Edge manages to defeat the Black Eagle in battle and recover the stock of supplies. He is thanked for the heroism, and given the remedy to cure Reimi.

Upon returning to the inn, the party is surprised due to the fact that Reimi has resisted the disease without the need of any medication. She then describes her and Edge's natures as subjects of Project Hope. The party decides to rest for another night.

During the evening, Edge leaves the inn and goes to think besides the main plaza, where he is assaulted by three thugs who, thinking his blade is the secret behind his amazing strength shown at the Colosseum in the battle against the Black Eagle, try to steal it from him. Edge is forced to fight them but they are all stunned by the mysterious pink-haired symbologist met at the Cardianon Mothership. She reveals herself to be a Morphus called Myuria Tionysus, and states she is searching for Crowe F. Almedio, Edge and Reimi's childhood friend, so as to avenge her dead husband Lucien. She then leaves with Edge's promise that he will prove her Crowe would never murder her husband.

In the morning, the Calnus' crew discover Sarah has been kidnapped by thugs as the ones who attacked her in Tatroi. They then head to the Purgatorium, in search of their Featherfolk friend.

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

After leaving Tatroi, Roddick Farrence and his friends head to Astral in search of Millie and Ronyx. There they find Phia, who invites them to spend the night in the city. Unfortunately, a Demon World assassin disguised as Phia attacks her father, Lias. Hearing this, the party attempts to search for the look-alike in the Astral Caves, in order to prove Phia's innocence.

Later, Astral City is attacked by Asmodeus' forces, focusing on killing Lias again. This time, the party defeats Asmodeus strongest minion in the area, the

Character Recruitment Changes

  • In case the player hasn't recruited Cyuss or Ashlay, Phia will be imprisioned. The party must help her break out of jail and after defeating the Darthwidow, Phia will join the party. However, she can never obtain her SFT and you must head to the Purgatorium and agree to take Ioshua Jerand along, or else she will leave.
  • In case the player has recruited Cyuss, the party will hear rumors about Phia's attempt to kill Lias and then will follow the look-alike to the Astral Caves, where Phia will join the party temporarily.
  • In case the player has recruited Ashlay, Phia will invite the party to visit Lias and stay at his manor for the night, otherwise, Phia will reserve a room at the local inn.
  • In case the player has recruited Ashlay, Phia will not join the player at the Astral Caves
  • In case the player has 6 or less characters in the party and has either Cyuss or Ashlay, Phia will join the party when you return to Astral to get the Astral Emblem. She will also come with her SFT.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Esther's Knickknackles
Item Cost
Blueberries 50
Blackberries 180
Aquaberries 70
Antidote 100
Paralysis Cure 100
Stone Cure 100
Resurrection Elixir 500
Sleeping Gas 200
Mind Bomb 300
Flare Bomb 180
Amulet of Antivenin 1000
Pet Food 10
Spectacles 10
Magic Canvas 300
Magic Clay 300
Feather Pen 20
Ruby 600
Sapphire 600
Crystal 2000
Diamond 3000
Iron 150
The Astral Armory
Item Cost
Saber 300
Claymore 1300
Ruby Wand 1000
Hard Knuckles 800
Ring Mail 600
Kung Fu Top 3200
Padded Armor 300
Round Shield 180
Iron Greaves 300

The Desert's Gifts
Item Cost
Grains 150
Fruit 80
Vegetables 20
Meat 50
Seafood 150
Eggs and Dairy 20
Geletinous Slime 100
Wobbly Slime 100
Rose Hip 230
Lavender 35
Mandrake 80

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Mobius's One-Stop Shop
Item Cost
Anti-Paralysis Amulet 8000 Fol
Sacrificial Doll 500 Fol
Warning Brooch 1000 Fol
Tent 4000 Fol
Skill Manual "HP Boost" 8000 Fol
Skill Manual "Critical Hit" 4400 Fol
Skill Manual "Fury Boost" 4000 Fol
Skill Manual "Hide" 1200 Fol
Iron 400 Fol
Wool 200 Fol
Silk 400 Fol
Satin Ribbon 400 Fol
Parchment 400 Fol
Map of Astral 1000 Fol

The Happy Skip Grocery
Item Cost
Blueberries 40 Fol
Bigberries 100 Fol
Blackberries 60 Fol
Aquaberries 30 Fol
Basil 30 Fol
Fresh Sage 150 Fol
Hot Chocolate 50 Fol
Glowstick 90 Fol
Vile Goop 300 Fol
Whole Heart Foods
Item Cost
Pumpkin Extract 200 Fol
Sweet Fruit 200 Fol
Nato 300 Fol
Ge Gen Tang 400 Fol
Natural Water 120 Fol
Uncooked Pasta 100 Fol
Raw Animal Meat 60 Fol
Raw Fish 80 Fol
Common Egg 30 Fol
Vegetables 60 Fol
Seasonings 20 Fol
Special Warishita Sauce 120 Fol
Fresh Cream 100 Fol

Treasure Hunter Weapons
Item Cost
Blessed Sword 700 Fol
Bastard Sword 11000 Fol
Torch Bow 600 Fol
Sylph's Saber 19800 Fol
Dragonscale Armor 3500 Fol
Bronto Armor 3800 Fol
Astral Armor 6000 Fol
Mystic Chainmail 1000 Fol
Blizzard Protector 1200 Fol
Streaked Chainmail 2400 Fol


Mobius's One-Stop Shop
Item Quantity Reward
Ash 3 500 Fol
Coal 20 3000 Fol
Light Gem 4 8000 Fol
Thunder Charm 1 2000 Fol

The Happy Skip Grocery
Item Quantity Reward
Bizzare Fruit 1 2000 Fol
Blue Seed 5 600 Fol
Perfect Berries 4 400 Fol
Red Seed 5 500 Fol
Whole Heart Foods
Item Quantity Reward
Curry Rice 4 500 Fol
Dendobrium 2 1000 Fol
Nectar 10 300 Fol
Poison Hemlock 10 3000 Fol

Treasure Hunter Weapons
Item Quantity Reward
Icecrusher Sword 1 3000 Fol
Meteorite 2 3000 Fol
Platinum 4 5000 Fol
Ruby 2 4000 Fol


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

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