"Welcome to the Sphere Company, anomalies. I am Azazer. I manage the security department and report directly to the Owner."
—Azazer addressing the party.

Azazer, known as Azazel in the Japanese version, is a tall Fourth-Dimensional Being who is in charge of the security at the Sphere Corporation. A rather stuck up person, he believes he is above everyone else. He is a major antagonist in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

"Oh... We just heard from the hospital. It seems Azazer's life isn't in any danger. He'll still have to stay in bed for a little longer, but there's no danger of permanent damage. Too bad..."
—Leiria to Fayt in Sphere Corporation.

When the party arrives at the Sphere Corporation, Azazer greets them and immediately calls security on them. After the party defeats the guards, Azazer attacks them himself but is easily incapacitated. Following his defeat at the hands of the Anomalies, Azazer is rushed to the hospital where he is stabilized but ordered to be kept in bedrest to fully recover.


"I suppose it's only natural for dysfunctional entities such as yourselves to be deleted. "
—Azazer, prior to entering combat with Fayt and Co.
Main article: Azazer (Boss)

Azazer doesn't fight alone, but also has a few weak security guards aiding him. Azazer's weapon is a strange pistol that not only fires long-range beams, but also creates solid, short-ranged beams which he uses like a sword or a whip. He is unique among enemies in the game, in that all of his attacks deal MP damage, not HP damage (Other than mushroom-type enemies such as Myconids)

Battle Trophies

Number Name
107 Defeat Azazer Within 1 Minute
108 Defeat Azazer Without Taking Damage

Dictionary Entry

Head of security for Sphere, the de facto power in charge of the Lost City. Arrogant and drunk on his own power, Azazer is not very popular.


Azazel is one of the names for the Devil, and is also the name of a fallen angel mentioned in the Apocrypha who was cast out of heaven for teaching humans to make weapons.

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