"As a humble scientist, I would like nothing more than to answer your questions."
—Bacchus D-79

Bacchus D-79 is a Morphus scientist hailing from the technologically advanced planet, En II. He is one of the main characters in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Bacchus willingly converted his real body into a cyborg in order to handle higher thoughts and complex calculations in his work. Due to his mechanized form and a core processor for a brain, he has difficulty expressing his emotions to others. He also possesses a strong sense of justice. Having a cyborg body has its advantages, for example, Bacchus has the ability to cloak himself. He mostly speaks stoically and in monotone. During his encounters with Welch, she dresses as a loli maid, thus disturbing him greatly.

In Bacchus's ending, which is obtained if Bacchus has enough AR toward Edge, Bacchus is back on En II with his wife, Freesia. He tells her that, since the Missing Procedure has been vanquished, his duty as a Morphus was fulfilled and that he wishes to devote his life to her. He also talk about the comrades he met on his journey, how they made him feel a "whole new level of warmth". As he tells Freesia about how he met them, Freesia kisses him, and tells him to tell her about all of it later on.


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"It doesn't matter how powerful ordinance is if it doesn't hit the target."
—Bacchus during the assault on Nox Obscurus.

Bacchus uses arm cannons and missile launchers inbuilt in his armor for long range physical damage. With his high defense and powerful Special Arts he is very effective at short range, but he is also very strong in the back row.

Bacchus D-79 is also proficient in the Engineering skill, which allows him to update his weapons and armor, and also create weapons for other comrades, and items with varied effects on the battlefield.

Special Arts

Name Max Level Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Force Breaker 10 ATK x216%-424% 6-8 3 Level 1 Launch a barrage of missiles from behind, exploding on contact and damaging enemies in their vicinity.
Galvanic Shock 10 ATK x270%-752% 8-13 2 Level 16 Charge up both arms with electricity, then grab the enemy to shock them with a high-voltage burst.
Irradiation 10 ATK x316%-621% 10-15 4 Level 30 Lock onto the enemy and call a massive laser attack from the skies.
Termination 10 ATK x428%-505% 11-18 3 Level 38 Rend the earth with a devastating chest beam, causing a shockwave.
Black Hole Sphere 10 ATK x200%-400% 11-18 4 Level 51 Generate a gravity field that immobilizes enemies in its vicinity.
Blessed Buster 10 ATK x454%-569% 13-19 5 Level 61 Tear enemies apart with a beam emitted by a support mech.
Justice Savior 10 ATK x300%-570% 13-19 5 Level 73 Pepper the enemy with bullets fired by a support mech.
Godslayer 10 ATK x300%-600% 14-20 6 Skill Manual Mow down the enemy with a chainsaw powered by a support mech.


  • Master Cannon
  • Plasma Cannon
  • Ancient Cannon
  • Deadly Cannon
  • To8 Lightning Cannon
  • Dragoon Blaster
  • Immortal Smasher
  • Vulcan Discharger
  • Photonic Blaster
  • Ultimate Cannon
  • Ogre Cannon "Legions Howl"
  • Symbol Cannon Tempest


  • Bacchus is the only playable character that has the ability outside of battle to harvest ores, from respective mining spots (marked on map by glowing formations of rock) all around Star Ocean.
  • Bacchus oddly shares both his ENG and JPN voice with the (Super) Street Fighter IV version of the famous Guile.


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