The following is a list of Bacchus D-79's Battle Quotes from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.



"A hundred-thousand volts, discharge!"
—Galvanic Shock
"This is the true power of justice and order!"
—Justice Savior


"Estimated elimination time... one minute, twenty seconds."
—Head-on Battle (weak enemies)
"We must seize on their confusion and strike!"
—Preemptive Battle
"Power limiters, deactivated!"
—Activate Rush Mode


"No errors. This battle went exactly as calculated."
—Winning Blow
"I long for a victory that would allow me to feel heat."
—Winning Blow
"For battle, rather an anticlimactic affair."
—Winning Blow (easy fight)
"This battle... did I make a tactical error?"
—Winning Blow (difficult fight)
"Damage is severe, it seems I have gotten careless."
—Winning Blow (difficult fight)
"All obstacles have been eliminated, Mr. Edge."
—Winning Blow
"It seems my travels with you all were no mistake."
—Level Up
"I swear to use this power in the name of justice!"
—Level Up
"I yearn to see what lies beyond these new powers."
—Level Up
"This body of mine still seems to have hidden potential."
—Level Up

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