Balbados is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time


  • Skills: Level 37 Crafting
  • Time: -40%
  • Cost: +50%
  • Recruited with: Antique Jewelry
Can Invent
Over-Carved Figure
Strange Figure
Tacky Earring
Humiliating Earring
Third-Rate Bracelet
Bangle of Accuracy
Yellow Talisman
Badge of Resistance
Ring of Entrails Bangle of Intellect
Ring of Sex Slavery Lunar Talisman
Star Talisman Anti-Poison Amulet
Battle Bonus Ring Amulet of Freedom
Faerie Ring Anti-Incapacitation Amulet
Ring of Erudition Anti-Stone Amulet
Aqua Ring Earth Ring
Flare Ring Wind Ring
Ring of Haste Hammer Charm

Dictionary Entry

An old man of the Menodix race, members of which primarily reside in the vicinity of Surferio. Although Balbados had the courage to make a go of it in a foreign land, and put his best efforts into running a business in a human town, he has failed to achieve his dreams and currently ekes out a meager existence. Balbados makes a living day to day on crowded thoroughfares by selling silver items that he creates with his naturally dexterous hands.