SO4 - Barachiel

Barachiel attacks the heroes in Lemuris

Barachiel is a Grigori and one of the antagonists of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. This is the second major boss of the game.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

The party encounter Barachiel when they reach the bridge of the Celestial Ship that had crashed on Lemuris, in hopes of curing the stone sickness that was plaguing the people. Upon finding a strange stone in the power room, later to be known as an Epiphany of Guidance, they are forced to face it as a Dragon Newt-mutated Grigori.

As it turned out, the Epiphany was responsible for the both the stone sickness and for the various mutated monsters running around, which were Cardianon from the crashed ship. When the party defeated Barachiel, the spread of the stone sickness was stopped, but not before those who had already fallen victim to it were fully transformed. Its death also caused the mutated Cardianon to die.

Barachiel makes a brief reappearance inbetween the final boss fights when the party is briefly trapped in another dimension by the Apostle of Creation. The party may reencounter it amongst all the other Grigori floating around the area.

During the Cave of the Seven Stars, Barachiel appears as Barachiel Fallen. He remains mostly the same, but significantly stronger. He guards the Star Dipper on the lowest floor.


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Barachiel can float in the air and move at high speeds. The bottom half of its body forms a sword that packs a powerful punch when thrust or slashed into the air. Its core is located on its back, but attacking the core is difficult while it is airborne.

Defeating Barachiel grants the player the "Butchered Barachiel" Achievement/Trophy.

Dictionary Entry

A monster created when the corpse of a Dragon Newt was absorbed into the Grigori onboard the celestial ship on Lemuris. It floats in the air and can move at high speeds. The bottom half of its body forms a sword that packs a powerful punch when thrust or slashed into the air. Its core is located on its back, but attacking it is difficult while it's airborne.


Barachiel is a misnaming of Baraqiel or Baraqel, who was the 9th Watcher of the 20 leaders of the 200 fallen angels that are mentioned in the Book of Enoch. The name means "lightning of God", which is fitting since it has been said that Baraqiel taught men astrology during the days of Jared or Yered.

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