Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
SO4 - Barachiel
Japanese バラキエル
Romaji Barakieru
Race Other (Grigori)
Location Celestial Ship
Planet Lemuris
Weak points Tail
Weak against Fire
Resistant to Earth, Water
Innate Abilities Grants 'No Guard' status
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 833
Fol Dropped 2430
Items Dropped Monster Jewel
Abilities Dragon Tornado, Freezing Circle

Barachiel is the second boss of the game and is fought on Lemuris. It is encountered when a Dragon Newt's body is transformed into a powerful monster by the Grigori.His hp is roughly 80,000-160,000(on galaxy mode).I can verify this as with the stragey I used at level 26 party aerage it took between 80-160 hits each dealing 1,000 damage on average due to stats buffing.


This battle is easier than Armaros but still hard. It has a high defense so physical attacks aren't very effective but can still be used. Its attacks aren't too painful so keeping close isn't a danger. Special Arts and Spells are recommended as they do the most damage and its defense doesn't block much of it out. Its attacks are mainly flying attacks that crash on the party below. They aren't very effective and the party shouldn't be too badly hurt. It also has several blast attacks. This battle shouldn't take too long if you are correctly leveled, so just keep up the Special Attacks. Health isn't much of an issue but Heal where necessary with Lymle if you become critical. Barachiel happens to have a weak spot on his lower back. It is not visible while he is flying, but is briefly exposed when he is using either Dragon Tornado or Freezing Circle, both of which involve him slamming into the ground and creating a shockwave. Use a powerful character like Edge or Reimi to deal large amounts of damage.

Barachiel is able to absorb water attacks, so disable Faize's Ice Needles before engaging. It also has a resistance to earth attacks. Its weakness is fire, so equip Edge with a Flame Sword and Reimi with a Torch Bow.

The main thing to remember here is, when he slams into the ground, that's your cue to run behind him, (or blindside him) and let rip with your best skills. He wont stay there for long, so get round there and pummel him.

{[Tip]} Craft 7-15 Explosion symbol cards to use against him.Also make  potions  and foods for boosting ATK,DEF,EXP,MP reduction costs.

Have the following ; Critical hit on Edge at level 7 ,Rising Blade Lv 8 , Stampede Slash Lv 5 , Aura Spark lv 7;Lymle with hp boostLv1 a, shooting starLv8;Riemi Sonic Thorn Lv10 ,Seraphic Thunder Lv 8;and Faize with Pride Lv 5. The eqiupment Flame Sword, Earthsoul  Bow (yes it has earth element but the high attack is worth it), Cardian Raiper,Flame wand , Monster Jewel of Adephega Drues and a Fire Armlet. Use blindsides efficently with this the battle ends in 5-15 minutes be sure to have berries and other restoratives.

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