Federation Ship

A Pangalactic Federation Battle-Class vessel

Battle-Class Ships are a class of Pangalactic Federation ship, designed for combat above all else.

Known Battle-Class Ships

Dictionary Entry

The latest model of battle spaceship, used as the backbone of the Pangalactic Federation military. Since battleships are built out of carbonic neotide, which as extremely high light beam absorption characteristics, they boast stealth characteristics that are dramatically superior to those of other ship classes. Battleships are approximately 300 meters long, sport a variety of armaments such as creation cannons, phase cannons, and quantum torpedoes, and are extremely versatile. Also, battleships are designed with the capability to simultaneously fire out of multiple gun ports, for overwhelming firepower that goes beyond what one would ordinarily believe possible. Battleships are also fully equipped from a defense standpoint, and are able to block up to 2.94 x 10-8% units of energy by using a sympathetic vibration effect between two onboard space-time displacement shields. These high-quality shields are manufactured by Ostin Manufacturing, which as the best reputation of any manufacturer in the Pangalactic Federation.

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