SO4 BonusBoard

Reimi fills the board

The Battle Bonus Board is a feature in Star Ocean: The Last Hope that rewards the party by fulfilling certain conditions. It is the successor to the Bonus Battle Gauge.


Whenever the party battles, a bar on the right-hand side of the screen will start accumulating colored jewels. These jewels are rewards for accomplishing various skills, magic, Blindside moves, critical hits, etc, by the player-controlled character in the party. For example, if the player kills an enemy with a critical hit, a blue jewel will be awarded; killing multiple enemies at the same time will net a yellow jewel and so forth. When jewels of the same color are chained, these bonuses will be added to the result at the end of each battle. However, if the player character is interrupted when dealing out a move that will net the party a jewel (such as being injured by a critical hit or the party decides to escape the battle), the chain of colored jewels will break and the party loses the bonus when the battle ends. This is known as Bonus Board Break. However, if there are adjacent jewels of the same color, only half of them will be lost.


  • Blue Jewel (Critical Finish) - One jewel awards an extra 10% to experience points.
  • Yellow Jewel (Multi-kill) - One jewel increases the amount of money given by 10%.
  • Pink Jewel (Skill-Only Finish) - One jewel awards 1% healing point to the party when battle ends.
  • Green Jewel (Survive an Ambush) - One jewel nets the party 1 Skill Point (SP), to be used in upgrading character skills

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