"The games in our hotel are all realistic full-body simulations. I myself prefer the old type of games where you use a joystick. I think I'll have a word with the supplier."
—Kiosk Clerk


"Beginner's Level doesn't hurt at all, really"
—Fayt Leingod

Player Characters

Battle Simulator

Adonis Klein and Cecilia Fermina.

"This simulation System may abort a game if it detects that a player safety is at risk."

-Summoner Lucy - A character known for a really weak summoning attack.

-Sword Master Adonis Klein - This swordsman was Fayt Leingod's player character, User Level AAA.

-Flare Witche Cecilia Fermina - This Symbologist was Sophia Esteed's player character, User Level E.


"Welcome to the Battle Simulator. Please set Battle System parameters."

-Remote City of Listia - This ruin battleground played home to monsters of Level E difficulty and granted the player a 16 Fol reward upon completion.

Dictionary Entry

A battle simulation system with the latest holgraphic technology, allowing the user to enjoy a wide variety of different fights with the simulated opponents in virtual space. The system provides deep sensory feedback, not only of the traditional visual and auditory type, but olfactory and tactile as well, resulting in a fighting experience that is essentially indistinguishable from the real thing.

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