Battle Trophies are a recurring feature existent in the Star Ocean series. They represent in-battle achievements. By obtaining a determined number of Battle Trophies, the player will have access to multiple bonuses. Battle trophies are an extension of the Voice and Music collections from Star Ocean and Star Ocean: The Second Story.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

In The Last Hope, Battle Trophies are obtained individually by each character. The player must be in control of the character at the time of their action in order to earn the Battle Trophy.


Each Character has the same rewards for acquiring a set amount of Battle Trophies.

Reward Condition
Extra Battle Voices, Set 1 Obtain 30% of a character's Battle Trophies
Level Cap Removed Obtain 50% of a character's Battle Trophies
Extra Battle Voices, Set 2 Obtain 75% of a character's Battle Trophies
CP Bonus Obtain 100% of a character's Battle Trophies