Aquaelie in combat

The Aquaelie engaging in combat

The Battleship Aquaelie is one of the most poweful ships in the Pangalactic Federation, under the command of Commodore Wittcomb. While it is older than it looks, it has been retrofitted so much that it performs just as well as any modern ship.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The Aquaelie is first seen approaching the Diplo as Commander Biwig negotiates with Maria Traydor over Fayt Leingod. Commodore Wittcomb informs Maria that the Aquaelie will take a while to reach their destination.

As the trade is being performed on Elicoor II, the Aquaelie is engaged by several Vendeeni cruisers, while the Dasvanu attacks the Diplo. However, the Aquaelie soon destroys the cruisers and engages the Dasvanu, eventually destroying that as well.

After the party returns from Elicoor II, Fayt asks the Commodore if he can take them to Moonbase on the Aquaelie, since the Diplo wouldn't be allowed that far into Federation space. Wittcomb agrees, and the party travel onboard to Moonbase.

When the party returns from Moonbase, they manage to persuade Wittcomb to take them to Planet Styx, so they may travel to Fourth-Dimensional Space via the Time Gate. Wittcomb agrees, seeing no other way to take care of the Executioners. When they arrive at Styx, the place is being guarded by Enforcers. Wittcomb tells Fayt to take a shuttle down, while he uses the Aquaelie to distract the Enforcers. Fayt initially disagrees, but Wittcomb tells him that his mind is made up. After the party leaves, the Aquaelie manages to take down an Enforcer, but it soon erased by another one.

Dictionary Entry

Commodore Wittcomb's beloved flagship, from which he has successfully engaged in battle for the more than ten years since he was assigned control of Remote Station #6. Although the Aquaelie is an old model, it has been retrofitted a number of times, and performs as well as any newer ship. With the ingenious Commodore Wittcomb at its helm, the Aquaelie has become known as one of the Federation's most powerful battleships.

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