Biwig is an elite commander in the Vendeeni army and only appears for a short time in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time's story. He is the supreme commander of the Vendeeni, and commands the ship Dasvanu.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Biwig first appears on a communication link with the Diplo shortly after Fayt, Cliff and Maria leave Elicoor II. They reveal they have Robert Leingod and Sophia Esteed as their prisoners and demand Fayt as a trade. Their trade would take place at the highest level in the Kirlsa Training Facility, where Fayt and friends fought against Shelby and first met Albel.


Biwig at the Kirlsa Training Facility

They make good of the bargain until warping down to the rendezvous point. Just as the trade is about to begin, Biwig transports down a Transport Jammer, and claims that while they can't get any back-up, he can beam down as many troops as he likes. The group take Dr. Leingod and Sophia while Biwig is distracted, and run away. The party, realizing they must destroy the jammer to escape, return to where Biwig is, only to realize that Biwig can keep calling down more Vendeeni soldiers for each one Fayt and the others defeat. When Biwig appears to have won, either Albel, Nel or Roger arrives and destroys the transport jammer with one strike.

Biwig is furious and attacks with his blaster, which the person attempting to help Fayt cannot repel against and is hit. Shortly after, more of the crew members of the Diplo show up once the Battleship Aquaellie has arrived and attacked the Dasvanu. They transport back and leave again just as their ship is destroyed. Biwig, completely furious, attacks Fayt but ends up shooting Robert instead after he steps in to save his son. Enraged by this, Fayt, Cliff and Maria take on Biwig and two Vendeeni soldiers and defeat the commander.


Main article: Biwig (Boss)

Biwig is fought as a boss in the Kirlsa Training Facility.

Battle Trophies

Number Name
103 Defeat Biwig Within 1 Minute
104 Defeat Biwig Without Taking Damage

Dictionary Entry

One of the commanders of the Vendeeni forces engaged in conflict with the Pangalactic Federation's military in Federation space. Led the battleship Dasvanu to many victorious battles. Biwig's string of victories came to an end, however, when he entered battle against Commodore Wittcomb, leader of the strongest military unit in the Pangalactic Federation.


  • Biwig's boss battle is actually the first to use the song "Bitter Dance" as the battle music, which is a unusual rap like song with vocals. The second is Azazer at the Sphere Company.
  • After Biwig's defeat, there are no more Vendeeni enemies, as the Executioners have taken over the role as the game's villains after this point.

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