Blair Lansfeld is a Fourth-Dimensional Being, and an employee of Sphere Corporation. She is in charge of the Milky Way section of the Eternal Sphere. She is Luther Lansfeld's sister, and appears in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt and the others meet Blair when they soon find themselves surrounded by security officers while going up the floors of the Sphere Corporation. She's able to lead them to safety and lock the door behind her, preventing security from tailing them. After that, she introduces everyone to the other researchers developing the Eternal Sphere. They tried to convince Luther (called "Owner" at the time) to withdraw the Executioners and place the Eternal Sphere residents in a safe location so they could live their lives in peace. But he obviously ignored their request and went ahead with his plans. Blair tried to get Fayt and the others to a Eternal Sphere Terminal in Luther's office, but Luther was wise of their plans and shuts down the elevator, sending Belzeber and Berial after them. Blair was surprised to see that Fayt and his friends were able to defeat the two and she bids her farewells after helping them restore power to the elevators. She gives them an Uninstaller to be used within the Eternal Sphere before they returned, saying it can only work while within the Sphere and could wipe out the Executioners. The party returned to Styx and Sophia was able to use the Uninstaller successfully and remove the Executioners. But their success is quickly thwarted when it's discovered Luther placed a security measure on the Sphere and an Convictor appeared to attack Fayt.

After the fight, Blair projected herself within the Time Gate on Styx to tell them Luther had entered the Eternal Sphere and was now enclosed within his own space. She said the only way they could enter it was to use an OPA, "Out of Place Artifact" as the Sphere residents call it, originally designed for 4D Beings to use. They figured out their OPA was the Sacred Orb of Aquios and were able to recover the orb. Only Sophia would be allowed to touch it, probably since her genetic powers allowed her to have an effect with it the way a 4D Being could. Blair then tells them, while Sophia spiritually speaks to her in the Shrine of Kadaan, that she has yet to find Luther's space. But after returning to Aquios, Blair tells them that Luther is hiding in the Spiral Tower. They traveled to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel, which housed the gateway to Luther's space and passed through the Firewall to enter, meeting them via projecting herself in the Sphere at Firewall's entrance. But upon entry into Luther's space, Blair was captured and locked up in a prison as a fake Blair was sent by Luther to stop and delete Fayt's group. They defeat the fake Blair and rescue the real Blair, proceeding onto Luther's chamber.

Blair tries one more time to convince her brother to stop his plans and leave the Eternal Sphere alone. But Luther ignorantly denies her claims of the Sphere residents "being their equals" and attacks. After his first defeat, Blair seems to comfort Luther and tells the party to get the Eternal Sphere backup while she did her best to fix her brother's actions. But Luther quickly retaliates and then decides to delete the entire Eternal Sphere himself. Blair tries to warn him that he would be risking his own life by attempting it while inside the Sphere, but Luther has lost all sanity and is unable to be talked out of it. It's unknown what happened to Blair after that, seeing her touching the roaring energy surrounding Luther and vanished. But after Luther is defeated for the final time, Blair's voice is heard commenting on how the Eternal Sphere is starting to fall apart. It's unknown if she survived the deletion of the Eternal Sphere, unlike Luther who was caught up in the deletion after Fayt's group defeated him.

Dictionary Entry

Part 1

A friend of the boy Flad and supposed expert on the Eternal Sphere.

Part 2

An engineer employed by Sphere, the de facto authority in the Lost City. Blair is in charge of developing and maintaining the Milky Way part of the Eternal Sphere, as the current head of the "Apris" project team. She became team leader at a young age after the three previous project managers quit one after the other.

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