The Blessed Sword is a sword in Star Ocean: The Last Hope that can be equipped by Edge Maverick. It's able to be purchased on Lemuris as well as on En II at the Silkworm's Retro Shop. Bearing a simple metal pommel, a smooth and glossy black grip, and a silver cross gaurd set with a blue stone, the Blessed Sword's blade is double-edged in a silver metal but the flat side of the blade is a light blue in color and covered with Symbols which increase the power of the blade.

A demon-slaying sword granted the blessings of the gods. The design on its blade amplifies its destructive power.

ATK 36 INT 0 DEF 0 HIT 0 GRD 0
Factors +20% damage to undead


  • If a stronger weapon hasn't been Item Created for Edge, yet, it's quite useful in the Alanaire Citadel. Due to it's + 20% damage to undead.
  • It has a rarity level of two stars.

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