Blood Scylla (previously known as Blood Sucker) is a recurring symbol in Star Ocean series. The symbol enable the caster to steal life force from target.

Blood scylla

A shot from a video by superjolt88's channel on Youtube showing Blood Scylla invoked by Sophia Esteed in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time[1].

It first appears as one of Noel Chandler's symbols in Star Ocean: The Second Story. It made it's way to the PSP remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution as Noel's symbol again. In this two games, Blood Scylla only steal up to 500 HP from one target and transfer it to Noel[2].

In Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Sophia Esteed learns the symbol from a tome found on the first floor of the Maze of Tribulations. As in the first appearance, it doesn't do very much damage. Sophia summons up the lord of the daemonium to drain HP and MP from the enemy. Despite it's weak power, it affects many enemies in a large range, and thus proves to be useful in a tight situation.


Star Ocean: The Second Story / Second Evolution

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time


SO3 - Bloodzilla00:13

SO3 - Bloodzilla



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