Blue Dolphin People

A Blue Dolphin Person.

The Blue Dolphins are a strange race in the Star Ocean universe. Originating from Expel, they are simply dolphins who have grown legs and have now adapted to walking on land, thanks to the radiation from the Sorcery Globe. While they are now terrestrial and possess high intelligence, Blue Dolphins still like to stay near the water, in case their skin dries out. One blue dolphin states that they can survive in the vacuum of space.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt encounters a blue dolphin on Hyda IV, enjoying a surfing vacation. However, during the Vendeeni attack, the dolphin starts running around with some salt water in a cup, worrying that he won't be able to get back to the ocean during the commotion.

When the party goes to Moonbase, they encounter the blue dolphin again, this time with his girlfriend. Due to the Executioner attack, he is still worried about being away from the ocean.

Dictionary Entry

A marine race that lives in the city of Orba, which lies underneath an ocean on the planet Expel. As it is readily apparent, Blue Dolphins are descended from dolphins, but the race actually evolved the ability to live on land due to planetary pollution caused by the Energy Stone in 366 SD. However, the Blue Dolphins have a rough time living on land because their skin dries easily, and they can never stray too far from water.