Full Gauge with a 180% fill rate

The Bonus Battle Gauge is a feature in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time that increases the spoils of war after battles are won. The Battle Bonus Board, an evolution of the gauge, is used in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


Successfully attacking enemies fills the gauge. The rate the gauge fills is determined by the strength of the party versus the enemies: the stronger the party is, the lower the rate at the start of battle. The rate steadily decreases by ten percent over the course of the battle until it reaches zero percent. Completely filling the gauge initiates a Bonus Battle, guaranteeing one of four bonuses after battle.

The gauge breaks if the player character dies, receives a critical hit, or escapes from battle.


The final blow that fills the gauge determines which of the four bonuses applies.

  • Triple exp - Minor Attack
  • Double fol - Major Attack
  • Increase chance for item - Symbology
  • Increase recovery rate upon win - Battle Skill

Maintaining the gauge increases the chain by one every battle. Every five battles, another bonus is randomly applied until all four are active at once.

Battle Trophies

Number Name
022 Chain of 3
023 Chain of 10
024 Chain of 30
025 Chain of 60
026 Chain of 100
027 Chain of 250
028 Chain of 500

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