The Calnus is the ship under the command of Ronyx J. Kenny. Advanced for its time, it remained Ronyx's ship upon his promotion to admiral.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure


The Calnus in Roak's orbit.

Ronyx and Ilia beamed down to Roak from the Calnus in order to investigate the situation. Unfortunatly for them, Roddick Farrence and his friends were in the area and saw them since the ships sensors seemed to indicate there were no people in the area earlier.

After they see that Dorne is infected by the bio-weapon, they ask if they can beam him onto the Calnus to investigate his condition. Roddick agrees, and the three of them beam up to the Calnus with Ronyx and Ilia.

Inside the group are amazed at how advanced the ship is. They take Dorne to the medical bay and while they run tests on him, Roddick and Millie took a walk around the ship. After the doctor is finished analyzing Dorne, they transport back down to the surface to lay Dorne in his bed while he turns to stone. Back onboard they head to Earth.

After being told there is nothing they can do to cure the disease, since the original host is now long dead, Ronyx gets the idea to go to Styx. Ilia calls him crazy but agrees it's the only way. Along with Roddick and Millie, the pair take the Calnus and pilot it to Styx, claiming the onboard computers make it easy to pilot.

Star Ocean: Second Story/Evolution

Calnus 4

The Calnus launching.

Ronyx still commands the Calnus, but now as an admiral. One of his crew members is his own son, Claude. At some point it seems to have been refitted as the bridge seems larger and has considerably more crewman operating the bridge controls. The interior has also changed.

Calnus EX

The Calnus in Space.

The Calnus eventually reaches Expel and rescues Claude. However, Claude runs to the transported bay and beams back down to Expel to help his friends. At Phynal, to show his power, Gabriel destroys the Calnus, killing Ronyx and crew in the process. The antimatter cannon destroys the Calnus within 3 shots, all three at a drastically reduced power setting in comparison to their full potential.  

During this the Calnus is demonstrated to have shields which are quickly overpowered by Gabriel's attacks and a cannon like weapon which is used in Ronyx's desperate attempt to fight back. How effective this weapon would be in normal circumstances is unknown because it is only demonstrated in the Calnus's final moments, being used against a target whose lack of a definite physical form makes fighting back all but impossible.